Combination Master – Build & Manage Thousands of Combinations in Prestashop (Prestashop)

Combination Master Features:

  • Fast, robust, AJAX-based Software
  • Global view of all Attribute Groups and their Attribute Values
  • Sorting of all Attribute Groups
  • Add new Attribute Groups dynamically, without re-loading the page
  • Add Attribute Values and use them instantly, without page refresh
  • Edit Attribute Groups and see the changes take place instantly
  • Sort all Attribute Values within an Attribute Group
  • Add unlimited numbers of Attribute Values, all at once
  • Bulk Edit and Update all Attribute Values within an Attribute Group
  • Bulk Deletion of Attribute Values
  • Colorpicker and Texture Uploader included
  • Advanced Combination Engine
  • Pre-Combinations Sets – save the Combinations for later use
  • Unlimited Sets saved in the Database
  • Unlimited Combinations saved within 1 Set
  • Big-Data oriented algorithms supporting building up to 1 million Pre-Combinations
  • Apply Combination Impacts before assigning them to a Product.
  • Multi-Product Combination assigning, add the same Combinations to unlimited Products
  • Very fast Combination assigning to Products. Assign 10000 Combinations to 1 Product in 51* seconds
  • Global view of all Products and their available Combinations
  • Complex Filter for Products
  • Delete all Combinations of a Product. Multishop and Single-Shop supported
  • Edit all fields of Combinations in a fast, AJAX-based, pop-up
  • Tabular-oriented Combinations design, allowing for faster and better editing
  • Edit Combination Fields : Reference, EAN13, UPC, Price Impact, Weight Impact, Unit Price Impact, Wholesale Price, Minimal Quantity, Quantity, Available Date, Default Combination
  • Complex Pagination System for Combinations. Big-data oriented, the Pagination allows you to view 100 or 10000 Combinations with no perceptible time difference by groupping them into 20,50,100 or 200 Combinations per page
  • Bulk Edit and Update the Product Combinations without page re-load
  • Accidental Operation Prevention. For complex or delicate operations a confirmation pop-up will ask you again about your intentions.
  • Complex Error Handling & Reporting system
  • All texts are fully translatable, Multilanguage supported
  • Multishop integration
  • Complete Documentation available within the module.




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