Custom Posts Builder Pro (WordPress)

Best custom posts & taxonomy manager plugin for wordpress

Demo details
User : demo
Pass : demopass

create and manage

  • Featherlight fully ajaxified & Beautiful UI
  • Create unlimited posts & taxonomies
  • Add custom admin columns
  • Drag & drop admin column reorder
  • User defined custom filters
  • Import & export posts and taxonomies
  • powerful shortcodes

Create unlimited admin columns & show the details you need.

  • Disable / enable the default admin columns for your custom post type, only show details you need
  • Add unlimited admin columns, show more information at glance !
  • Pre built most desired columns like featured image
  • Drag & drop reorder columns based on the priority
  • Temporary disable / delete the custom columns with a click
  • Total command on what you need to show in custom fields with powerful built-in shortcodes
  • Meta data, taxonomy data or even a function result, everthing can be shown just using shortcode. no need to touch code !

Create custom filters for admin columns.

  • Add filters using ajax enabled autocomplete field
  • Auto filters for every taxonomy created
  • Search using filters to refine your view

Take custom posts wherever you go.

  • Option to import & export custom posts & taxonomies

Shortcodes for admin column content

  • [cpb_column_data type=’meta’ key=’meta_key’]
  • [cpb_column_data type=’tax’ slug=’slug of taxonomy’]
  • [cpb_column_data type=’function’ name=’name of php function’]
    example : [cpb_column_data type=’function’ name=’the_Excerpt’] will show excerpt of the post



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