Prestashop Product Page Builder Visual Composer Addons (Prestashop)

Prestashop Product Page Builder is an elegant and powerful Visual Composer Addons to build Prestashop single product page.

Building single product page using Prestashop is really impossible without strong coding knowledge.
But using this addons with Visual Composer you’ll get full control and access on your product page to build this with more flexibility and will get a chance to apply your creativity within very quick time.

If you want to display your premade/custom hook anywhere of your product page or some text/content (audio, video, newsletter, contact form etc) for any festival and special days you can do that very easily. Most importantly, you can arrange all of your product page content by Visual Composer Drag & Drop facilities. You don’t have to worry about losing your modification when Presashop theme file update.

Hard to believe. Take an eye-shot on our videos:


# Must need Visual Composer.
# Easy Installation.
# Fully User Friendly and Easy to Configure.
# Free 5 Pre-defined layout.
# Details Documentation.
# Building individual layout for individual product.


Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 3

Layout 4

Layout 5

N.B: If you need any extra facilities or have any idea/suggestions that can give you lot more flexibility with this product, then don’t take time

to notice us. We’ll highly appreciate that and will try hard to implement your requirements.



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