Restrict COD by ZIP / PIN Code (Magento Extensions)

Restrict COD by ZIP / PIN Code

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Restrict COD by ZIP/PIN Code Magento Extesion

Allows customers to check cash on delivery is available at their place from the product detail page.

Using this extension store owner can restrict Cash on Delivery payment to certain ZIP / PIN codes and also add an option of checking the availability of the Cash on Delivery payment method directly on the product page. Admin can upload a CSV file containing all the ZIP / PIN codes for which the Cash on Delivery payment method will be allowed. The payment method will be disabled for any ZIP / PIN codes that do not match the ones mentioned in the CSV file.

Admin can add zip/pin codes in two ways:

1) Using bulk csv import

2) Manually adding zip/pin codes

Admin also can edit/remove/disable zip/pin codes from backend. You can download sample csv file from backend system configuration.

Note: This extension requires an existing Cash on Delivery payment method on your store, and does not add one for you. Once the extension is installed, you can select the COD payment method to associate with this extension.

Core Features

  • Easy to use & manage.
  • Check COD availability using ajax which makes it highly interactive
  • Customized Success and Failure Messages
  • Abundance of configurations have been used to make the extension more flexible for admin?s needs
  • Manually & bulk zipcode import/export from backend
  • You could have COD verification on the basis of zip/pin codes
  • Admin can add, edit, delete, enable and disable zip code
  • You will provided documentation with screenshot for how to use extension
  • No core files changes

Installation Process

Note: Please take backup of your Magento installation (files and database) before install/update any extension.

1) Download the extension’s .ZIP file.

2) Extract .ZIP file from magento root directory.

3) Clear Cache

4) Go to ‘Kerss Tech-> Manage Cod -> General tab and select Enable Module to Yes.

Set all other options as per your requirements and save settings.

For more details please read our Documentation

Improvement suggestions

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this item please let us know! We will be happy to consider any suggestion and appreciate your efforts. We will go through all your feedback weekly and pick the most requested features to be included in a future update!



  • Initial release



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